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Waioli Corporation is dedicated to sharing the history of Kauai with the local community and visitors through guided tours and interactive educational experiences.

Grove Farm Museum _5.jpg

Explore Our Historic Sites

Time travel through 170 years of Kauai's history and 3 generations of the Wilcox family.

Grove Farm Museum _7.jpg

Grove Farm Museum

Tour the historic home and sprawling grounds of one of Kauai's most impactful families. Learn why multiple generations and cultures called Grove Farm home.

Grove Farm

Waioli Mission House

Visit the home of missionary teachers to learn about the cultural exchange of missionaries and Hawaiians in the 1800s. Discover why the property was preserved in the 1920's. 

Waioli Mission

Mahamoku Beach House

Mabel Wilcox designed a beach house on Hanalei Bay in 1914 with the help of her brother Charles. They gave it the Hawaiian name Mahamoku, meaning "Island of Peace". 

Mahamoku Beach

Connect to the Past,
Contribute to the Future

Waioli Corporation celebrates the rich diverse multicultural history of Kauai by authentically preserving historic sites in Lihue and Hanalei. Learn about the connections between our historic properties and how the legacy of the Wilcox family continues to shape the island.



We are grateful for your contributions that help us preserve and share the history of this beautiful island for future generations and visitors alike. 

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