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Our kuleana is to preserve Grove Farm and Waioli Mission House museums, and other important properties and collections of local history. We share authentic educational experiences through storytelling about the people, the historic buildings, and the land that illuminates Kauai’s rich history and culture.



Kuleana/Stewardship: Our privilege and responsibility to care for the unique lands, buildings, collections, and history of Grove Farm Homestead, Waioli Mission House, and Mahamoku Beach House. 

Sharing: These irreplaceable assets with the residents of Kauai and our visitors.

Authenticity: In how we present and maintain these lands, buildings, collections, and history.

Vision: Being true to the vision reflected in Miss Mabel Wilcox’s precious gifts for the people of Kauai.

Interactive Education: Encouraging experiential learning about how the values and lessons of the past can illuminate and inform the future.

Connection: With our community, with our employees, our partners, and with Kauai’s past and with future generations.

Respect: In how we deal with each other; with the lands, buildings and collections we care for; and with the larger community for whom we preserve and make accessible these precious gifts.

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Preserved by Misses Elsie and Mabel Wilcox throughout their lifetimes, in 1975 these historic sites and extensive unique collections were entrusted to Waioli Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose Board of Trustees is made up of community members. 


The three museum sites as well as four plantation steam locomotives are listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

2023 – 2024 Board of Trustees

President:  Samuel W. Pratt
Secretary: Patsy Sheehan
Treasurer: Gaylord H. Wilcox

Trustee: Carrie Jackson, Nancy Mee, Mark Polivka, Wayne Richardson III (Kathy), Richard Sloggett III, Albert Spencer



Also protected by Waioli Corporation are the ancient pre-contact taro fields and auwai systems of the Waioli Valley that are still farmed today. In addition, Waioli Corporation has provided for a community park in Hanalei, as well as easements and beach access at various locations under its protection.

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